5 Ways to Keep Fit in Skipton

It’s never too late to get that beach body!

If you feel like you might have indulged in one too many BBQs then there are plenty of opportunities to get back into shape right here in Skipton. Even though we’re just a small town you’d be surprised how many different alternatives you have for shredding some unwanted flab away here.

Whether you want to burn calories whilst bouncing away to disco or simply take a leisurely dip, we’ve got you covered here:

Get Lean and Mean at Intershape Fitness

The team at Intershape Fitness are out and out professionals in the fitness game. Their aim is to transform every person that walks through their doors into the best that they can possibly be. Through the use of trainers, therapists and coaches they can take you on a personalised fitness journey that could potentially change your life.

Spin in a Disco at Escape Gym

Do you find yourself getting bored doing cardio at the gym? Does just the idea of a long jog make you feel like falling asleep? Then RPM, Escape Gym’s regular ‘bouncing cycle class’, will be just the thing. Studies have proven that it’s rather difficult to doze off whilst cycling in a disco – this is an experience that’s well worth a try, if you’re looking for a motivational way of losing weight.

Dance Yourself Toned at The Studio

There are many ways to achieve a toned body, but not all of them allow you to achieve your childhood dream of finally becoming a ballet dancer. Unleash you inner Black Swan at BalletFIT where the world of ballet collides with a cardio class that’s suitable for all ages and abilities. You don’t need any previous experience or training, just the will and motivation to improve your body!

Simply Have a Swim at Craven Leisure

If you’d rather keep things simple and just go with the flow, then why not go for a dip in Craven Swimming Pool? There are almost always lanes open for general swimming sessions at Skipton’s only public swimming pool. Water safety for kids is the number one agenda here, they use top of the range safety swimming pool covers so there’s no need to worry about your children’s safety.

Fight Your Way to Fitness at Sandylands Sports Centre

There’s nothing like a bit of martial arts to get your blood pumping. Challenge yourself to do better with Sandyland’s Fighting Fit cardio session. Completely non-contact and suitable for everyone, this class will have you punching the air with success with every pound that you lose.

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